Schönbrunn Palace

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Schönbrunn Palace

Illustrious cultural asset, summer residence of the Habsburgs, UNESCO World Heritage Site, popular recreation area, popular destination for cultural tourism… Schönbrunn Palace is all of this and much more.

Come and experience Austria’s Imperial heritage in Schönbrunn Palace, enjoy an unforgettable day in the palace park and see Vienna from another perspective – from our panoramic viewing platform on the Gloriette.

It doesn’t matter how you spend the day here. You will never forget it.

The Arrival Center 

Tours B2B

Vieux-Laques-Zimmer im Schoss Schönbrunn

Grand Tour

Forty rooms – forty fascinating (hi)stories from three centuries. In addition to the Imperial Tour programme this tour takes you round the Hall of Ceremonies, the room called by Maria Theresa the Feketin Room – which later received the name of the Millions Room because of its inestimably valuable rosewood panelling – and another wonderful experience you shouldn’t miss is the Gobelin Salon with its exquisite Brussels tapestries.

  • Duration: 60 min (audio guides) or 75 min (guided tour)


Menschen gehen durch den Roten Salon im Schloss Schönbrunn

Highlight Tour

Schönbrunn Palace at its most resplendent: the 22 magnificent rooms on the piano nobile – from the Lantern Room to the Hunting Room – reliving the illustrious world of Empress Maria Theresa will take your breath away.

  • Duration: 45 min

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Blick in das Berglzimmer in Schloss Schönbrunn

Bergl Rooms

Maria Theresa had her private apartments decorated with Johann Wenzel Bergl’s unique landscape paintings, a fascinating variety ranging from exotic landscapes to artfully designed gardens.

  • Duration: 20 min

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Special Programmes B2B

Gruppen von Menschen steht auf der Gloriette Aussichtsterrasse und sieht sich den Sonnenuntergang an

Evening Guided Tours

Organise the most exclusive presentation of Schönbrunn Palace for your guests and in a personal atmosphere, remote from the crowds of visitors. The evening tour gives you the opportunity to view the palace out of regular opening hours. A tour guide is obligatory in this offer.

Reservations: eveningtours[at]

  • Duration: 50 min

Blick von Gloriette auf Schloss Schönbrunn an einem sonnigen Tag

An Evening in Schönbrunn

The resplendent Baroque Orangery provides a fitting setting for superlative musical performances by the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra. The concerts are part of a perfect supporting programme, with the options of a viewing through the palace and/or a dinner in a restaurant a short walk away from the palace.

  • 5.30 pm Tour of the castle with audio guide in 17 languages
  • 6.30 pm 3-course dinner
  • 8.30 pm Concert with masterpieces by Mozart and Strauss
  • 10.15pm End of the concert

Information, current prices & reservations:
WKE Wiener Konzert- und Eventveranstaltungs GmbH
Tel. +43 1 812 5004
Email office[at]

Tours B2C

Imperial Tour

Be our guests! Emperor Franz Joseph and his consort Elisabeth are your hosts for your visit to the Rococo State Rooms of the palace. On this tour you can marvel at the unforgettable splendour of the Great Gallery, the charm of the Far East in the Chinese Cabinet, yet also the striking modesty of Emperor Franz Joseph’s private rooms, furnished according to his own wishes.

  • Duration: 35 min
  • Audio guides

Maria Theresia

You start your visit in the ground-floor rooms with their unique landscape paintings. The tour continues to the official ceremonial rooms of state and the exquisitely appointed eighteenth-century rooms from the time of Maria Theresa.

Daily guided tours in German and English

  • Duration: 50 min

State Apartments

This short tour gives you a close-packed impression of the most beautiful rooms in Schönbrunn Palace. You’ll be spellbound by the grandeur of the Great Gallery and the Small Gallery, where in former times balls and family celebrations were held, and also by the ornate Chinese Cabinets.

  • Duration: 25 min

Special attractions in the palace park

Blick von oben auf das Labyrinth im Schlosspark Schönbrunn

Maze - Labyrinth - Labyrinthikon

Fun and games on a space of 7,000 square metres: in the Maze you make your way along fascinating, meandering paths to a viewing platform and two energising harmony stones activated by masters of feng shui. The Labyrinth has all kinds of entertaining games, a giant kaleidoscope, a climbing pole with sounds, and tricky puzzles. In the Labyrinthikon the internationally famous expert Günter Beltzig has created a playground that promises fun and games for everyone, and not only children.

Ausblick auf Schloss Schönbrunn von der Gloriette Aussichtsterrasse

Viewing Terrace on the Gloriette

The imposing Neo-Classical colonnade building is majestically enthroned on the crest of the hill in Schönbrunn Park. It’s well worth a visit, not only because of its magnificent architecture and rich sculptural adornment: the viewing terrace provides a unique panorama across the entire park grounds and far-reaching parts of Vienna. Alone the view of the art nouveau church Am Steinhof by Otto Wagner will linger in your mind as an unforgettable memory!

The Gloriette viewing terrace is not accessible barrier-free.

Crown Prince Garden & Orangery Garden

Among the most idyllic spots in Schönbrunn Palace are the Crown Prince Garden located at the palace’s east façade and the Orangery Garden sited in front of the Orangery building. The romantic pergolas entwined about with ivy and wild vine lend the Crown Prince Garden a uniquely tranquil and contemplative character. During the summer months it contains strikingly beautiful citrus bushes. In the Orangery Garden you can take a stroll through the history of European horticulture. You’ll be amazed at exotic plants such as olive trees, myrtle and bitter orange growing in the idyllic scenery of the Orangery!

The Crown Prince Garden is not accessible barrier-free.

Combined Tickets

Classic Pass

The Classic Pass combines in one ticket the Grand Tour through the State Rooms of Schönbrunn Palace and four attractions in the Palace Park: Crown Prince‘s Garden, Gloriette Viewing Platform, Maze and Orangery Garden.

Classic Pass Plus

As extra attractions added to the Classic Pass, the Classic Pass Plus takes you to the oldest zoo in the world, the Desert House and the Palmenhaus (Palm House), also the virtual reality show in Schönbrunn Palace.

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