Schloss Hof Estate

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Schloss Hof Estate

Situated in the southernmost part of the Weinviertel near Bratislava is Austria’s larges country palace and estate. Schloss Hof is an experience to remember: enter into the world of the good old days, the Imperial splendour of the royal Baroque palace and park, the idyllic estate farm with herbal garden and petting zoo, and the smaller hunting lodge Niederweiden. For each age group, an experience of a lifetime.

Experience one of our daily guided tours through Schloss Hof (11 am and 2 pm), the gardens (3 pm) and Schloss Niederweiden (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm)

Permanent exhibitions

Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden

Discover two enchanting and truly unique palaces in the Marchfeld region. Your choice to visit one or both of them! Schloss Hof, the bigger one of the places, is ideal for long walks around the estate and captivates visitors with its animal kingdom and petting zoo.  

Schloss Niederweiden is a delightful hunting lodge with an original Barouque kitchen, telling the history of its former occupants. Nowadays it features cooking events and tastings for groups.  

The Location Ticket Schloss Hof Estate offers entry to both palaces.


Getting to know the Schloss Hof Estate: Palace – Baroque Garden – Estate Farm

A tour that combines all the highlights of Austria’s largest country palace and estate in a compact and entertaining form: the worlds of Imperial living, an exquisite Baroque garden, and a real, living estate farm make you forget your prosaic, everyday life and bring history to life.

  • Duration: 120 min

The Mysterious Schloss Hof: Secret Passages and Cellar Vaults 

Down, down into subterranean passages, through secret cellar vaults and hidden nooks and crannies – explore the secret side of the palace complex. The tour continues to a Baroque jewel, the small chapel and the sacristy. Both are still in full use for weddings. 

To round off the tour we extend a warm invitation to a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic drink. Our wine comes from the local vineyards.

  • Duration: 60 min

Baroque Rural Life on the Estate Farm: The World of Animals and Plants in the 18th century

Roam through old-world workshops, theme gardens and Prince Eugene of Savoy’s private horticultural collection – two adventure paths are an entertaining way of learning more about everyday life in the Baroque era.

Our famous white Baroque donkeys and Bactrian camels are waiting to give you a welcome, only two of the 120 faunal residents. In our own schnapps distillery we show you how schnapps is made, and if you like we would enjoy tasting them with you.

  • Duration: 60 min

Prince Eugene of Savoy’s Garden: A Masterpiece of Art and Nature 

The Baroque garden planned by Prince Eugene stretches across seven terraces – one of the largest and most beautiful garden complexes of the epoch.

Come and enjoy the garden, relax in the rural environment, and stroll past fragrant flower beds, artistic sculptures and resplendent fountains.

  • Duration: 60 min

Magic palaces in Marchfeld: From The Hunting Lodge Niederweiden to The Schloss Hof Estate

Maria Theresa purchased the two chateaux in 1755, the magnificent ensemble of Schloss Hof and the smaller hunting lodge Niederweiden, and over time had them extended and reconstructed.

Today both chateaux stand there in all their glory, and Schloss Niederweiden enchants with the debonair joie de vivre of a French maison de plaisir and the charm of an Italian villa.

  • Duration: 120 min

Special Tours for the Palate

Dinner Is Served, Your Highness: Exclusive Guided Tour with Lots of Surprises

Do you know who was in charge in the eighteenth century to ensure that everything in the kitchen and palace ran smoothly? Take a look behind the scenes and find out.

And although you’re enjoying yourself here, don’t forget to tear yourself away and take a pleasant stroll in the luxuriant kitchen garden, relax in the gardens, and take a look into the cellar and the subterranean passages where our vintage wines are stored.

  • Duration: 120 min

Special Tour for the Palate through Time: Pastries, Pâtés, Divine Wines, Chocolates 

This is the most epicurean trail of all time: it takes you through the palace, the gardens and the cellar and shows you the top of the charts in food and drink during the era of Prince Eugene of Savoy and Maria Theresa.

In the restaurant Zum Weissen Pfau try the delicious spiced wines and dishes made after original Baroque recipes. Bon appétit – and book a table straight away!

Special Exhibitions


19 March - 1 November 2023

The special exhibition "Gold Spoons & Imperial Tableware" invites you on a journey into the splendid and glamorous world of courtly table culture. True treasures from the former Court Silver and Table Chamber of the Vienna Hofburg will be presented.

From 11 March 2023, the special exhibition will be continued at Schloss Hof Estate and Niederweiden Palace. The exhibition "Imperial Tableware" will be expanded by the new thematic focus "Service with Personality".


Schloss Hof: Gold Spoons & Imperial Tableware

The new special exhibition at the Schloss Hof Estate shows the most exquisite pieces from the inventory of the former Imperial Court collection of silver and tableware.


Schloss Niederweiden: Kitchen Secrets behind the scenes

Schloss Niederweiden is part of Schloss Hof Estate and completes the theme of the Imperial dining culture by presenting an inside view of the court kitchens. It conveys a fascinating impression o of the complex tasks of court management.


The Schloss Hof Estate caters for inspiration and enjoyment all the year round with fascinating special exhibitions, lively workshops and unforgettable theme markets. Our event calendar makes sure you are informed and able to plan your events ahead.

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