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We create fascinating places that are the stuff of dreams and take their place among the top attractions of global cultural tourism. Our name stands especially for the combination of these two qualities: “culture at its finest” and “economic success”.

We act as an imperial host, courteously welcoming guests from Austria and the whole world to the places of his realm, providing top entertainment, and giving them genuine royal treatment. Our main aim is to ensure quality, responsibility and firm partnerships for mutual success.

‘We are overjoyed to be able to make our imperial heritage accessible to the interested public, because – especially in times such as these – we wish to give people the opportunity of visiting the places of their dreams. Namely, our locations are not only top tourist destinations but also places that are hugely popular as recreational sites for leisure and pleasure.’

Schönbrunn Group CEO/Director Klaus Panholzer

We generate our resources ourselves, our objective being to authentically safeguard the culture treasures entrusted to us, to show these treasures to a great number of people, to make our historic locations and histories – and stories – accessible, and furthermore to develop them in terms of cultural promotion. We preserve the heritage that has been bequeathed to us and continue its development.



A fine day in the resplendent atmosphere of historic, Imperial Austria. Schönbrunn Palace is a must-see for every visitor to Vienna. Schönbrunn is a fascinating, easily accessible attraction with a genuine Imperial Palace, Children’s Museum, park, cafés and the oldest zoo in the world. Visitors encounter the Imperial heritage of the Habsburgs as a living experience, learn about European history, and acquire historical knowledge in an entertaining way.

Here in the original location and her dwelling of many years, Sisi’s personality and aura still haunt the place – here you can feel what she was really like and what is so fascinating about her today. An inspiring and emotional experience with an abundance of Empress Elisabeth’s authentic and personal belongings.

An unforgettable experience for the whole family in the midst of the Marchfeld landscape. Enter into the world of the good old days – whether in the royal splendour of the Imperial Palace and its gardens, or on the idyllic estate farm with herbal garden and petting zoo.

The Vienna Furniture Museum impresses visitors with the largest furniture collection in Austria, the largest Empire collection in the world, and a unique presentation staged as a fascinating time trip through the history of furniture design.

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Schönbrunn Group
Mag. Klaus Panholzer


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€ 52m

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Who we are?


With Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Furniture Museum, the Sisi Museum in the Vienna Hofburg and the Schloss Hof Estate, the Schönbrunn Group administers the foremost attractions of Austria’s Imperial heritage.

The revenue yielded is invested in the preservation and renovation of the cultural monuments, enabling us in consequence to continue offering a unique experience to our visitors. Meanwhile, new initiatives will inspire people’s interest across the world for the Imperial heritage and world of the Habsburgs.

This is only possible with competent and committed associates and co-workers, visionary advisory boards, and innovative cooperative and business partners. The essential factors here are an open entrepreneurial culture and mutual appreciation and respect.

Accordingly, I would like to thank you for your interest and trust! We not only preserve and conserve, we also create, every day, through our endeavours and our work. So that every visit to our locations will be an unforgettable experience!

Executive Management and staff units

Mag. Klaus Panholzer


+43 1 811 13 277/313

Dr. Alexander Keil

Authorised Officer and Deputy Director

+43 1 811 13 0

Ing. Herbert Polsterer

Authorised Officer and Deputy Director
Head of Technical Department

+43 1 811 13 0

Mag.a Maria Mayr-Muñoz

Authorised Officer
Contracts, Legal Affairs, Head of Property Management

+43 1 811 13 0

Mag. (FH) Florian Felder

Authorised Officer
Head of Strategy & Development

+43 1 811 13 458

Mag.a Petra Reiner

Corporate Affairs Schönbrunn Group and Management Furniture Museum Vienna

+43 1 811 13 461

Mag.a (FH) Christina Schumann

Deputy CFO
Auditing & Compliance

+43 1 811 13 0

Mag.a Katharina Karmel

Staff position and Head of Corporate Communications

+43 1 811 13 281

Sophie Schulter, BSc

Staff position and Head of Sustainability

+43 1 811 13 216

Dr. Andreas Horner, MA

Legal and Compliance Department

+43 1 811 13 467

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We set ourselves the highest standards and are clearly committed to the Schönbrunn Group values.

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